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Close to collapse report on M.E. and social care

November 12, 2015

Our Close to collapse report reveals that a staggering 97% of people with M.E. experience two or more difficulties that make them eligible for social care support - but only 16% had received an assessment in the past five years. Of these, only 6% had been given a care package.

One respondent told us: “I feel very badly let down. I don't have the strength to organise anything for myself, so I am just struggling through doing what little I can. I manage to wash or bath about twice a month. My meals are limited to the most simple, mostly microwave ready meals. At times this makes me suicidal.”

We are launching this report today at our AGM and conference in London. Our next step is to hold a formal inquiry to further build the evidence base into social care provision for people with M.E. We will explore solutions to address the barriers to access and improve individual outcomes in terms of wellbeing, dignity and autonomy from social care support.