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CMRC Board meeting: conference and next steps

October 17, 2017

Recordings of presentations from last months’ UK CFS/ME Research Collaborative Conference (CMRC) have been watched more than 5,000 times, featuring international scientists including Dr Avindra Nath and Prof Jose Montoya.

A brief overview of the conference is included in the draft minutes from the latest meeting of the CMRC’s Executive Board. These are now available to read on our CMRC page, and you can find films of the event on Action for M.E.'s YouTube channel. A full report of the conference will be available soon.

The Board meeting, which took place on 10 October, also included discussions about 

  • the potential for collaboration with speaker's from The Royal Society's recent two-day meeting on the neurobiology of fatigue
  • plans to revisit the purpose and future of the CMRC
  • the need for a high-level impact report on M.E. in the UK, similar to the Institute of Medicine's report in the US, with input from people with M.E.