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#CMRC2017 conference report now online

January 08, 2018

Thanks to a dedicated team of volunteers, a full report of the fourth annual UK CFS/M.E. Research Collaborative (CMRC) science annual conference, held in Bristol in September 2017, is now available.

Bringing together scientists, clinicians, industry professionals and people affected by M.E., the conference focused on topics including neurovirology and orthostatic intolerance, with speakers including Dr Avindra Nath, presenting his post-infectious M.E. study at National Institutes of Health; and Prof José Montoya, on the association between cytokine signature and disease severity in M.E.

You can click on the links below to:

Feedback from conference delegates (which you can read at the end of the report) was very positive. Katrina Pears, volunteer, Action for M.E. said: "The two days were very tiring, but I also found it a very rewarding and worthwhile experience, knowing that slowly we are starting to understand some of the biology behind this horrible illness, and that there is a reason why we feel this way. The talks themselves covered a wide range of topics, with something for everyone, with some more heavy on the biology than others, such as brain imaging, orthostatic intolerance, and chemical compositions of the blood."