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Commons' Science and Technology Committee enquiry

December 18, 2018

In October, the House of Commons’ Science and Technology Committee asked the public to inform them on potential areas of scrutiny. The committee expressed an interest to hear suggestions for work in areas that might otherwise escape its attention. In response to this request, Action for M.E have taken the opportunity to highlight the lack of funding for biomedical research in M.E./CFS.

This committee have the power to gather evidence on a line of inquiry and report the findings to the House of Commons. Below, you can read our submission below which we hope will shine a spotlight on a specific area of research which would have great benefit for people with M.E.

Our proposal:

“Myalgic Encephalomyelitis (M.E.) is a serious, chronic and fluctuating illness that affects many of the body’s systems causing debilitating symptoms that significantly impair an individual’s life. Diagnosing the disease remains a challenge and there are no approved treatments for M.E. (Recognition, research and respect: An agenda for change in M.E).We would like the Science and Technology Committee to look into the:

  • level of Government funding for research into M.E. compared to conditions with a similar disease burden
  • benefits of funding to produce a ‘critical mass’ of knowledge and researchers to develop diagnostic and therapeutic options for people with M.E.
  • options available to the Government to increase knowledge and awareness in the science community of M.E.
  • use of technology to reduce social isolation and increase access to education for the 25% of people with M.E. which is so severe they are often bed-bound and cant carry out normal daily living tasks.”

We expect to hear back from the Committee in January and will post an update if we are successful.