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Communicating with Health Professionals & Self-Advocacy Workshop

October 05, 2022

We are hosting a Communicating with Health Professionals and Self-Advocacy Workshop for adults with M.E. in Scotland on Friday 21st of October, 2pm.

Join Action for M.E.’s trained and knowledgeable staff and volunteers to hear about how to advocate on your own behalf on issues related to communicating with Health Professionals.

When? 2pm-3.30pm on Friday 21st of October 2022.

Where? Online via Zoom. To register your place, email:

What will it involve? The webinar will offer an overview of common issues that people with M.E. might find difficult when communicating with Health Professionals such as getting a diagnosis, support to manage symptoms or referrals to other services. We will offer some practical tools and signposting to support you to start advocating on your own behalf around communicating your needs around healthcare.

We will hold the webinar for an hour then there will be half an hour for general questions. We will have a break if people need it. We can’t address specific cases online but can signpost to our services and other organisations that may be able to help.

You will be able to see staff and facilitators, but participant’s cameras are generally off during a webinar. We will record the webinar in case people can’t attend on the day.

If you want to come along to this session, get more information or ask a question then please email: