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Consultation on Media Guidelines for M.E.

August 18, 2022

This consultation seeks feedback on suggested media advice for journalists reporting on M.E. and developing a helpful handbook of best practices for distribution to media outlets.

The purpose of this consultation is to gather opinions from important stakeholders to ensure that all perspectives of the community are captured.

Currently, the Action ME - Media Guidelines.pdf comprise of 10 easy points to keep in mind whilst writing about M.E.

For example, "tired" is often used in the media, which can undermine the seriousness of the condition and upset those living with M.E., many of whom are unable to care for themselves in the most extreme circumstances.

The consultation is currently accessible to all interested parties and will continue until Monday 12th of September 2022, the document will be officially released with all public responses considered.

How to Submit Evidence

Please limit your submission to a maximum 2 sides of A4, use clear sub-headings and include a brief bullet summary of your evidence at the top of the submission.

To increase accessibility, we will also accept submissions in video or other non-written formats such as audio files of no more than two minutes in length.

Send with the subject line: Action for ME Media Guideline Consultation to this email address.