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December general election - key dates

November 07, 2019

Yesterday signified the first day of political purdah, meaning the time between when a UK election is announced and when that election is held. Over the next few weeks there will be a few key dates that you won't want to miss. Below we have shared when these dates are and what you might need to do before then.

Saturday 16 November - Candidates lists are published

You can see the full list of candidates standing to be your MP by going to your local authority website.

Midnight on Tuesday 26 November - Deadline to apply for a postal vote

If you are house/ bed-bound, or are unsure of whether your health will allow you to go to a polling station on election day, you can request a postal vote. If you apply for this, we recommend that you post your vote back no less than two days before polling day. However, if you miss this deadline you can hand your vote in to your local polling station.

Learn more about applying for a postal vote.

Midnight on Tuesday 26 November - Deadline to register to vote

Many people do not know that they are not registered to vote until it is too late. You can check this, or register to vote here.

Wednesday 4 December - Deadline to register for a Proxy vote

If you are unable to vote and would prefer not to use a postal vote, you can ask someone else to vote on your behalf.

Learn more about applying for a proxy vote.

Thursday 12 December - Polling day

Polls are open from 7am till 10pm. If you do not know where to go to vote you can find out via this link.

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