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Do you know how to support an employee with M.E.?

August 31, 2017

Many people with M.E. aren’t well enough to stay in employment but for those who are able to manage, it’s vital that their employer understands M.E. and the effect it has on their employee.

Our digital resource  An Employer’s Guide to M.E. was created for anyone employing or managing someone with mild to moderate M.E. and outlines the employment rights and support available for people with M.E., as well as providing advice on your legal responsibilities, reasonable adjustments, Access to Work, managing sickness absence and sick pay, and recruiting and supporting people with M.E.

Our  SEE M.E. Toolkit for Professionals will be particularly useful for specialist M.E. clinicians, employment advisers, work coaches and careers guidance practitioners, but professionals working in social care, welfare advice and trades unions may also find it useful. It is designed to provide information, good practice advice, real case examples and practical resources, to enhance your ways of working with patients.

Our M.E. and Work guide aims to offer key information and signposting for people with M.E. who are in work, considering work in the future or actively seeking work now. We know that, for others, working or training is sadly not an option.