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Don't ignore M.E. this M.E. Awareness Week: take action now

May 09, 2016

It's M.E. Awareness Week, and you can take action right now to reduce the isolation experienced by so many people with M.E.

“Lack of understanding is very isolating for me. It's just too tiring to fully explain everything and, in fairness to other people, is difficult to get your head round when you've got it, never mind when you haven't!"

Our #dontignoreME campaign asks the friends, family and colleagues of people with M.E. to take action right now to reduce this isolation - plus we share self-help tips and advice from people living with M.E.

Our Don't ignore M.E. film features M.E. patients Sharon and Douglas, and Sharon's partner and carer Connor, talking about the illness and its impact. Please watch and share as widely as you can to help raise awareness.

We also have a poster and leaflet you can download to raise awareness of M.E. and its impact.