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Dr Nina Muirhead: take part in our new M.E. study

December 03, 2020

We are excited to promote a new international research study looking at the impact of M.E./CFS on the quality of life for people with M.E. and their family members.

Dr Nina Muirhead and her study team at Cardiff University have set up a short and simple online survey designed to be accessible to all adults (aged 18 and over), including those who are severely affected.

Dr Muirhead says:

"Please share widely to encourage others to participate. The greater the reach of this survey, the more we can improve international understanding of the impact of M.E./CFS, as well as generating ideas for future research.”

In a discussion thread about the survey in the Science for M.E. discussion forum, Dr Muirhead adds:

"I know that an overwhelming proportion, and possibly some of our most severely affected, are alone and or isolated. The impact on all quality of life is important to us but other studies have shown this specifically for M.E./CFS patients already. This is the first international research looking at impact on quality of life of family members and is the aim of this specific piece of research."

There are two questionnaires in the survey, one for the person with M.E., and one for a life partner or family member. If you cannot be together to complete it, you can save and return. People with M.E./CFS piloting the survey found each questionnaire only took about five minutes to complete.



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