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Educating GPs about M.E. at top neurology conference

February 24, 2017

Action for M.E. will continue educating GPs across the UK by attending the Royal College of GPs’ neurology conference next month.

Around 80 qualified and trainee GPs are expected to attend the one-day conference, which provides expert specialist clinical training and essential information on Neurology for GPs and their practice colleagues. The conference Chair is Dr Nassif Mansour, GPwSI in Neurology and Chair of the Primary Care Neurology Society.

Action for M.E. will have a stand at the event and will give each GP a copy of our Newly Diagnosed with M.E. booklet. We will also speak to GPs about the illness, its symptoms and effects, and will invite them to a forthcoming educational webinar for GPs that will focus on M.E., POTS and Autonomic Dysfunction, led by Prof Julia Newton and sponsored by Action for M.E.