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Learn about M.E. & DecodeME in our latest podcast

February 15, 2023

We’re excited to release the next podcast episode in our Learn about M.E. series, focusing on the ground-breaking DecodeME study and why it is important to people with M.E.

The episode discusses the great need for this genetic research into such a neglected health condition and the potential it creates for uncovering new treatments for M.E. It also outlines how people can sign up to take part in the DecodeME study.

You can read the full blurb and listen to the episode here.

All our podcasts are available on Buzzsprout and Spotify.

The CPD module accompanying the Learn About M.E. project is free and available anytime online. It is based on case studies and the latest biomedical evidence, offering healthcare professionals the opportunity to increase their understanding and confidence in diagnosing this condition. If you want to find out more about our Learn about M.E. project, including the accompanying CPD module, visit this page on our website.