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Experts by experience: Daisy, Naomi and Simon

May 18, 2020

Living with M.E. can often force people to become experts at self-care, careful planning, energy-management, learning to say no, living with uncertainty, coping with isolation… the list goes on.

We want celebrate this strength, insight and resilience. So we asked three people with M.E. to share their self-care advice and experience with the wider world, via our new short film.

🧡 Daisy, 19, was diagnosed with M.E. a week before her 11th birthday.
🧡 Naomi, 26, was training to be a nurse. She has now been bedbound for a number of years
🧡 Simon, 56, says he is fortunate in that his M.E. is mild to moderate, but he must still be very careful with his energy.

Your experience might be similar, or very different. You might agree with their advice, or have your own to offer – if so, we’d love to hear from you.

We hope to get this film seen by as many people as possible, and are sending it to journalists and websites to achieve this. You can help by sharing the film from Facebook and Instagram. Thank you.



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