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Families talk M.E. and child services on BBC Radio

June 29, 2017

More families that have been helped by our Children's Services Team have been speaking out about false accusations that have been made against them despite the threat of continued action from social services. 

“I ended up being reported to social services…I had to deal with child protection because they thought I was deliberately making her ill.”

Our case study Christine, whose young daughter has M.E., spoke to Andy Collins on BBC Three Counties Radio about her experiences this morning as part of a report on our national survey into the experiences of families affected by M.E. who’ve faced false accusations of abuse, neglect and fabricated/induced illness, which found that one in five families have had a safeguarding/child protection referral made against them.

Andy also heard from ‘Sarah’, a mother whose daughter is so severely affected by M.E. that she can’t even get to the toilet without her help and had to be tube fed because she couldn’t eat. Her daughter was labelled with an eating disorder and told that she “couldn’t possibly be in as much pain” as she said she was. ‘Sarah’ was also accused of deliberately keeping her daughter unwell.

The show also featured our CEO Sonya Chowdhury, who emphasised that “we want to ensure that social workers understand the illness so that they can see where it’s the illness causing symptoms, not the parents.”

You can listen to the broadcast on the  BBC Three Counties Website.

Christine begins talking at 1:18:00 and ‘Sarah’ talks at the 2:20:00 mark.

We'd like to thank Christine and 'Sarah' for speaking so openly about their experiences today and helping us raise awareness of this horrible situation.