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Forums for carers, parents and young adults launched

March 29, 2017

Action for M.E. has today set up two new message boards within our M.E. Friends Online forum – one for carers and parents, and another for young adults aged 18-26, both of which can be accessed via the forum hub on our homepage. 

Two other private forums - one for under-18s and one for parents and carers of young people with M.E. – will be set up on the Action for M.E. website separately from M.E. Friends Online. These will be members-only forums (ie. users will need to be members of Action for M.E.) that are accessed separately from each other. The aim is to launch the new forums by Wednesday 12 April, or sooner if we can.

The AYME website, including their forums, is being taken down on Monday 3 April, so we wanted to make sure parents and carers have a separate area of M.E. Friends Online to get to know one another and to receive peer support, advice and friendship from other carers and parents in the meantime.

Due to complex technical issues and very high costs, we are unable to transfer the AYME forums to the Action for M.E. website. But we also appreciate the need for dedicated spaces where children with M.E., and their parents, can safely access peer-support.

We look forward to welcoming all new forum users and know that our existing forum regulars will be warm and welcoming to anyone who joins them.