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Free self-advocacy workshop: book now

September 08, 2021

Would you like to share your experience and develop skills to advocate for your needs at work?

Led by our experienced Advocacy Officers, our Self-Advocacy in Employment Workshop webinar will focus on knowing your rights, getting your voice heard, and exploring barriers people with M.E. can face in accessing or staying in employment.

  • When? 10.30am to 12.30pm on Saturday 25 September 2021
  • Where? Online via Zoom, with full joining instructions sent in advance.
  • Who can attend? Anyone aged 18 and over living with M.E./CFS or caring for someone with the condition.
  • Will a recording be available? Yes, but only to registered participants. So even if you can't attend on the day, please register to receive the recording of the workshop.

One of our previous workshop participants told us:

“Thank you so much for putting these workshops on, I previously attended one through [an M.E. support group] during a three-month stint off work with work-related stress. It played a huge part in getting me back to work and I’m sure I was able to go back earlier than I would have done without all the information on my rights and reasonable adjustments. I’m very grateful and it was great to be able to attend a further session now that my employment issue was sorted. Presenters were so kind and understanding and not at all dismissive of how difficult advocacy can be.”

There will be breaks during the session and you are welcome to participate at a level that suits you.

We will be recording the webinar so that registered participants can access it after the event, with captions for those who need it. Participants will not be visible to viewers, and there will be options for interaction and contribution by text. If participants opt to speak during the workshop, their voice will be audible and recorded; we ask for consent for this on our registration form.



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