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Fundraiser of the week: Alex's virtual Great North Run

July 31, 2020

Our fundraiser of the week is Alex, who’s not letting cancelled events get in the way of his fundraising efforts.

Having had his plans to take on the Great North Run scuppered by last month’s announcement that the event had been cancelled, Alex is now undertaking a new challenge. He will run a half marathon on the same day as the Great North Run was scheduled for, but on a different route. Alex’s 13 mile challenge on 13 September will take him from Full Circle Brew Co in Newcastle, through the city centre, across the Tyne, and back down towards the brewery.

Alex, who completed the Great North Run last year, is taking on his half-marathon in September in support of his wife, Emma, who has M.E. She says:

“It has limited my ability to study and work full time, to go to the gym and run like I used to. It leaves me with a daily battle with brain fog and ensuring I get good enough quality rest.
“Although M.E. has impacted my day to day life, I’m aware that I’m only mildly affected and have an excellent support network both at home and work. Others aren’t so lucky and need more external support from organisations such as Action for M.E.”

Thank you Alex for continuing your efforts even in the face of events being cancelled. It goes a long way to helping us continue our work supporting people with M.E.

If you’d like to support Alex with his fundraising challenge then please go visit his Just Giving page to donate.