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Fundraiser of the week: Alice, in honour of Katie

March 08, 2019

Another inspirational woman is our fundraiser of the week, Alice, who will be running the London Marathon in April. She will be running the event in honour of her best friend Katie who had M.E.

"In high school, Katie was diagnosed with M.E. Katie suffered throughout high school and Sixth Form, frequently having to miss out on days (and often weeks) at school, as well as events outside of school. Despite all of this, she always had the ‘Katie Smile’ and would brighten up any room she went in to."

Sadly, Katie died in 2015. Alice tells us that "although Katie's death was unrelated to her M.E. diagnosis, the charity helped her lots throughout her life. Ever since, family and friends have taken part in fundraising (or as they say; FUNdraising) activities, doing at least one activity per year.

"I have been harbouring a dream to run the London Marathon and being able to do it in memory of Katie would only make it much more FUN!"

We are hugely grateful to Alice, running in honour of her inspirational friend Katie. You can visit Alice's fundraising page here.