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Fundraiser of the week: Belinda and her handmade cards

February 21, 2020

Our fundraiser of the week is Belinda, who is donating money from sales of her handmade greeting cards.

Belinda was diagnosed with M.E. and Fibromyalgia four years ago. She says:

"In that time, I have not had a positive experience from onset to present day with various medical professionals. Initially dismissed as having nothing wrong with me after an unspecified viral infection - later found to be glandular fever - I was passed from pillar to post and then expected to travel miles for diagnosis. I have found Action for M.E UK to be the most helpful and understanding of my problems and my personal situation. They have provided me with a wealth of information in a short space of time and I now know who I can turn to if I need further help and advice.”

Throughout 2020 and beyond, Belinda hopes to raise 20% from sales of her her handmade greeting cards to friends, family members and colleagues. She is also hosting a Guess the Name competition at work, with the chance to win a large soft toy dog. She says:

"It is my aim to raise £100, all of which will be donated to Action for M.E. The cards get made around my work as and when I have the energy and time to do so. I try to do this as often as I can as I find it very relaxing and enjoyable. I do have a small selection already made up ready to sell, so it is just the case of topping up the selection and making cards upon request, personalising if requested. I hope my fundraising will help to raise more awareness of the condition and stamp out ignorance within the UK and beyond for good, especially as this is not always a visible disability and people can be very judgemental.”

You can see examples of Belinda’s cards on her Facebook page. Thank you Belinda for all your support.