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Fundraiser of the Week - Ben Brockway

October 27, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Ben Brockway, who took part in the Great South Run 2017 along with team members John Spanner, Lewis Rule, Mark Hills, Liz Sinclair and Pete Sinclair.

Talking about his connection to M.E., Ben said: “My older sister, Laura, suffers with M.E., a neurological condition which has robbed her of a normal life. Laura has severe M.E which leaves her completely bed bound, except for a few times a year, when she gets to make it outside of her room, only to be left with an extreme increase in her symptoms. Laura has to have others do everything for her, even the simplest of tasks can feel like running a marathon would to a healthy person. It's no quality of life, it isn't living.

“Laura used to be a live wire who wanted to change the world, however now she is bed bound and struggles to lift a pen. My older sister means the world to me and watching her go through the stress and strain of M.E, breaks the hearts of everyone who knows her. It's become the norm for us, but it shouldn't be. Laura is 24 and has suffered for eight years, she's lost the best years of her life to an underfunded and ignored disease. We struggle day in day out to deal with a situation we've unfairly been put in. I want to see my sister walk again, see her stand, give me a hug and be able to meet her for coffee. I want to see her fulfilling her hopes and dreams. Action for M.E. is a charity that helps with all aspects of M.E., from researching a cure to providing support and care for those who suffer with M.E each day.”

After the event, Ben said: “We ran the Great South then cycled 18 miles home! It was very hard but it's finally done! One of the best experiences I've ever had and I'm so glad we’ve raised this much for my sister and the charity - thank you to everyone who donated!”