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Fundraiser of the week - Beth French

July 08, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Beth French, who is swimming the seven sea channels in one year.

Speaking about her endeavour, Beth said: “Tackling the Oceans 7 means dealing with vicious currents, frigid temperatures and nerve wracking wildlife encounters. To date only six people have completed all seven swims in their lifetime. For the first time ever I will swim all seven channels in just one year. It has never been done before and in order to achieve it, I need your support. This is your chance to get involved with a record breaking world first in one of the fastest growing sports in the world today.

“My Crowdfunder project is for vital support crew and pilot boat costs without which I would literally be lost at sea! They are my lifeline, keeping me safe and guiding through some of the most treacherous stretches of water on the planet. I am excited to be offering unique and custom rewards for water lovers and landlubbers alike. I swim to raise awareness of our responsibility to look after our oceans and to highlight the need to do all we can.

“I'm donating 1% of all funds raised to Action for M.E. because today I am a successful marathon swimmer but as a 17 year old I was confined to a wheelchair. My childhood was overshadowed by M.E. I contracted glandular fever at the age of ten and never fully recovered. My adolescence was marred by periods of immune dysfunction and exhaustion until I found myself in a wheelchair. It took hard work to regain my mobility, not only physically, but it also required mental strength and determination.”

While not all people with M.E. make such a good recovery, Action for M.E. is happy that Beth was able to do so and wishes her the best of luck in her enormous challenge!

You can check out Beth’s Crowdfunder page here.