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Fundraiser of the week - Bromley VoluntEARS

April 29, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is the Bromley VoluntEARS group, who are walking 23 miles along the Thames Path for Action for M.E. on May 25.

Group member Jude, whose Mum became ill with M.E., said: “No two days are the same for my mum, due to the inconstant nature of M.E. Some days she can barely get out of bed and she doesn't even have the energy to talk properly. Her brain goes foggy and she'll forget words, while her short-term memory is also poor. But on other days she can walk around the house as though everything is fine.

“Daily life for my mum is now about pacing. She only has a certain amount of energy and she has to be careful how she uses it. On the other hand, there are days when she has paced perfectly but finds the next day she feels as exhausted as if she has run a marathon.

“More needs to be done to research into M.E., to find out more about causes and possible cures. Little is known about it and why it affects people differently, and the illness is so diverse that it makes finding any kind of cure incredibly difficult. But by supporting Action for M.E., you will be putting your money towards finding out more about this illness that has changed my mum so drastically over the past decade. We live in hope that one day a cure can be found, but we need your help to get there.”

You can support Bromley VoluntEARS via their JustGiving page