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Fundraiser of the week - Chloe Salanson

March 16, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Chloe Salanson, who is raising money for us on her birthday.

Chloe, who has M.E. herself, said: “I was diagnosed about a year and a half ago after years of being dismissed and told I was crazy or that nothing was wrong with me. Thankfully I found the Action for M.E. charity website which offered me the support and information I needed to take to my doctor to help me in getting diagnosed and in turn getting the support I needed.

“It has also enabled me to understand my body better and how to help myself rather than being in the dark about what to do to move forward. Being diagnosed hasn't taken all the symptoms away but it has brought clarity, peace and a sense of purpose and connection as I have developed friendships and relationships with those going through the same experience.

It's my birthday on 17 March and while I'm not someone to publicly make a big fuss, as I approach this birthday I feel incredibly blessed and incredibly grateful and that's why I'd love to raise some money for Action for M.E. Any donation would be hugely appreciated! They say if you don't ask, you don't get! So please may I ask for a donation towards this charity.

We’d like to thank Chloe for using this special day to raise money and awareness of M.E., and to wish her a big Happy Birthday for tomorrow!

You can donate to Chloe via her JustGiving page.