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Fundraiser of the week - Dan Henning

October 21, 2016

Our latest fundraisers of the week are Dan Henning and his Ride London 100 team who raised an amazing £3,520 for Action for M.E. in the Ride London this year. Dan chose to raise money for M.E. as his mother Maggie has the condition and is cared for by his father.

We’d like to take this opportunity to highlight our amazing fundraisers Dan and his teammates James Murray, Steve Pooley and Ed Bullivant , along with the experiences of the woman who motivated them to raise funds for us.

Talking about her experiences of the illness, Maggie said: “I have been up against a few doctors with their harsh judgements, one saying that I had an eating disorder and it was mind over matter. Another insinuating that I was a time waster and just wanted to be in hospital. Lately a consultant who has told me that I should not be in an emergency situation in hospital and that she would only see me in outpatient’s clinic.

“I am now virtually housebound and bed bound as any exertion causes excruciating head and muscle pain. I have had to cope with many admissions to hospital over the last 16 months and frequently had to go through procedures including Endoscopies for regular tube changes. The hospital admissions have depleted my energies so rapidly but are necessary for me to stay alive. All hospital staff are brilliant but very few understand the problems M.E. patients face, therefore I feel I am battling against the low recognition of the illness for myself and all M.E. sufferers. I am only thankful that this illness did not rear its ugly head when I had a young family as I could never have coped.

“My husband Stuart cares for me and without his love and support I do not think I would be here today. I have a beautiful family of three sons and six grandchildren and some loving friends who have stuck by us. I continue day by day to get through life the best way I know how and feel gratitude for all the love I have around me.

“I am so proud of my eldest son Dan who has organised these events with some of his friends for taking on these challenges to raise money for M.E.”