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Fundraiser of the week: Danny and his ink cartridge initiative

October 02, 2020

Our fundraiser of the week is Danny, who has collaborated with his local GP surgery to raise funds for Action for M.E.

Through Recycle4Charity scheme, Danny has set up ink cartridge collection boxes at Winterton Medical Practice, with Action for M.E. receiving up to £2 for every eligible ink cartridge donated. Danny, who has M.E., identified this as a way of raising funds while expending a minimal amount of energy, and things are going so well that he is already setting up a second box at a neighbouring practice. Danny says:

“Whilst I still have the sense of humour, and love for life I have always had, M.E. has made me a shadow of the person I once was… I discovered the Recycle4Charity scheme and felt this was something manageable for me due to my current health status.

“Research into M.E. by charities like Action for M.E. give me hope that one day – hopefully in my lifetime – there will be a cure.”

Thank you so much to Danny for his support. If you have any ideas for a low-energy fundraising event, please feel free to contact our fundraising team at You can also visit our fundraising page for some ideas.



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