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Fundraiser of the week - Elinor's 21st Birthday

November 22, 2019

We’d like to say happy birthday to our fundraiser of the week Elinor who is turning 21 today! She has generously asked her friends and family to donate to her Facebook birthday fundraiser to celebrate.

On her fundraiser, Elinor explains: “since my diagnosis of chronic pain and fatigue in 2013 I have been passionate about raising both awareness and money for greater research and support for those suffering from this devastating condition.

"Whilst I'm thankful that my 21st birthday will be a little different than my 14th, I still am reminded every day that this is a condition that can affect me at any time and that it can affect anyone. We all know people with CFS/M.E,. although many of us don't realise. Let's give a voice to those unheard. Thank you.”

So far she has raised an incredible £380. Thank you and happy birthday Elinor, we really appreciate your support and generosity.

Setting up a Facebook fundraiser is a really easy way to support Action for M.E. If you would like to find out more about different ways that you can easily fundraise for our charity you can email us or call our fundraising team 0117 927 9551.