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Fundraiser of the week - Elizabeth Carswell

August 17, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Elizabeth Carswell, who is doing a charity run because her sister Sheena has M.E.

Elizabeth said: “As a result of this horrible illness, my sister has been bed-bound for several months and needs lots of help from family.

“I aim to run 365 kilometres by November 2018, which will mark her 365th day of being bed-bound. This personal challenge by no means matches the struggle she faces each day, but I am raising money with the hope that more research can help us understand this debilitating illness better, work towards better treatment and early diagnosis.

“I would appreciate any donations to help support this charity on behalf of my Sheena.”

We’d like to thank Elizabeth for everything she’s doing to raise money for us and to raise awareness of M.E.

You can support Elizabeth via her JustGiving page.