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Fundraiser of the Week - Ella Walters

March 23, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Ella Walters, who is taking part in Walk With M.E. on behalf of her friend Kate, who has M.E.

Ella and the other members of Team Kate - Sophie Hassell, Alex Clancy, John Clancy, Peter Walters, Benji Walters and Gary Standen - are attempting to collectively walk a million steps over 100 days, both to raise awareness of M.E. and to raise money for our vital work supporting people with M.E.

Ella said: "What can we say about our friend Kate? She is quite simply one of the best people we know. Kind, caring, loving, thinks of others, funny and all other lovely things. Although we knew that Kate was diagnosed with M.E. in her 20s, we didn't really understand what it meant until last year when we all witnessed her relapse. We saw first hand the way it completely turns her world upside down and the impact it has on her and her family. We saw her desperation and fear of her relapse and there was absolutely nothing we could do but reassure her that she was strong enough to face this and that she was not alone.

"So little is known about this illness which causes so much devastation. It is often misunderstood and we want to join the fight to find answers and hopefully improve the quality of life for those suffering.

"We are going to attempt to complete 1million steps in 100days (although we are late starting the challenge, so it's more like in 82days!) as this is something that Kate would struggle doing herself. We are all in various stages of fitness ourselves so it will be a challenge for us too. If you could spare even a little bit of change to sponsor us it would be so appreciated!

"Finally, to Kate, you brave woman who still continues to put others before yourself, even in the worst throes of the illness, we love you and we will never leave you. This one is for you!"

You can support Ella and Team Katie via her JustGiving page.