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Fundraiser of the week - Fraser Claughton

March 18, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Fraser Claughton, who is running the London Marathon for us.

Fraser, who first ran the London marathon in 2013, is running for his step daughter Tara, who became ill with M.E. in 2012.

Talking about her experiences of living with the illness, Tara said: “In 2011, I was a happy 17 year old like any other, enjoying life, swimming, running and thriving at school. If I were to pin down the exact moment when my life changed it would be New Year's Day of 2012. My life proverbially got on a rollercoaster that day and as of yet, I have not had a chance to get off.

"In short, it includes countless infections, chemo, meningitis three times, sepsis and seizures. This barely touches the surface - to gain some sort of perspective, it boils down to 7 operations, 2 emergency surgeries, 50 admissions to 7 different hospitals, 462 cannula's, 33 catheters, 13 nasogastric tubes, 4 very near death experiences and countless drugs, tests, drips, wires and tubes. I suffered a cardiac arrest after a long seizure and with the help of many doctors, I survived. Essentially, the first meningitis infection left a lesion on my brain which has caused my seizures and resulted in many years of suffering with M.E.

"I have had to withdraw from university education three times now and since M.E has impacted my health significantly, it was decided that Action for M.E would be our chosen charity.

"I therefore ask you to donate, if possible, any amount you can spare. I have fought for my life too many times, my family fought successfully to save me after a particularly bad seizure and despite there being something wonderfully liberating about surviving a near death experience, the emotional consequence of it all is colossal - so when I say it will mean a great deal to me for any donations, I mean it, from the bottom of my heart. I will truly appreciate your support. Thank you."

You can donate via Fraser’s Virgin Giving page.