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Fundraiser of the week - Gemma and her dog Walter

June 21, 2019

Our fundraisers of the week are Gemma and her little dachshund sidekick Walter who will be taking part in Manchester’s annual 5K Dog Jog in order to raise money and awareness for our charity.

They are taking part in honour of Gemma's younger sister. Kathryn, who has M.E./CFS. When speaking about Kathryn’s condition, Gemma tells us, “I have seen first-hand the massive impact it has on all aspects of her life. We all moan when we are tired or unwell; Kathryn feels like this the majority of the time. Yet she is such a positive, resilient and cheerful person.

“I am not the biggest fan of running (let’s be honest, I hate it!) but thought that getting to do a dog jog with my little dachshund sidekick Walter would be the perfect opportunity to raise money for Action for M.E.

“Those of us who are in good health, like me, probably take it for granted. In doing this dog jog, I am pushing myself out of my comfort zone; something which those living with M.E. probably have to do a number of times a day.”

Manchester’s Dog Jog will be taking place on 30 June. To find out more about Gemma and Walter or to donate you can visit their JustGiving page.