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Fundraiser of the week - Geoff Jackson

February 26, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Geoff Jackson, who is running the Brighton Half Marathon for us this Sunday.

Geoff has decided to raise money for us because his mother in law has lived with M.E. for many years.

He said: “It has blighted her life to such a degree that she cannot leave the house or indeed see or talk to people. She has missed out on her retirement, she has missed out on her Grand-kids and my wife cannot see her mother to tell her she loves her and have a cuddle.

“Not much is known about M.E in comparison to other illnesses and it is charities such as Action for M.E that help fund vital research into the causes and treatments of the illness.”

Best of luck on Sunday, Geoff!

You can support him via his JustGiving page.