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Fundraiser of the week - Hope

August 23, 2019

Our fundraiser of the week is five year old Hope and her dad Robert. Earlier this month they took part in the Big Fun Run in Derby in order to raise money for our charity.

When speaking about her reasons for fundraising for Action for M.E. Hope tells us that:

“My mummy has a condition called M.E. she has been suffering from this condition since 2011/2012 before I was born. She struggles some days with pain, low energy, forgetfulness, headache, muscle cramps along with other things. At the moment there is no cure and doctors do not understand a lot about the condition.”

Her mother, Becky, is very proud of Hope and explains that:

“My daughter knows her mummy is poorly with an illness we cannot see. Hope understands when I say I’m poorly today. I saw the fun run advertised and I told her she could do some running and the money can go to a charity that supports people with mummy’s condition is. She wanted to take part and my partner Robert wanted to do it with her.

“When you ask her she says she raised money for mummy’s condition. She asks why she cannot see my poorly illness and I explain the best I can. I am so proud of my daughter for wanting to raise money and do something that can be help people with my condition. I’m one incredibly proud mummy.”

We’d like to thank Hope and Robert for supporting our charity.

You can visit their JustGiving page here.