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Fundraiser of the Week: James Reay and Simon Dooley

December 22, 2017

Our fundraisers of the week are James Reay and his partner Simon Dooley, owners of the Clarendon Showtel in Blackpool who are looking to raise an ambitious target of £250,000 in support of Action for M.E. through James’ single Just Let Me Cry.

Simon was diagnosed with M.E. 3 years ago. Speaking of his partner’s struggles with the condition, James said: “He has problems with walking and talking. This is somebody who was active and on the ball, and who still is very clever. This is not a man who is averse to work. I have seen him work for 24 hours before. You’d be lucky to get even a day out of him now.”

‘Just Let Me Cry’, performed by James, 50, will be released on all major music sites on December 27, when James will also perform it live at the Clarendon Showtel charity night.

The video to Just Let Me Cry is available through James’ Facebook Page.