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Fundraiser of the week - Jo in honour of Meg

May 24, 2019

Our fundraiser of the week is Jo who will be completing the Jurassic Coast Challenge on June 8. She is doing this on behalf of her best friend Megan who is living with severe M.E. When speaking about Megan, Jo tells us:

"Megan has been my best friend since our early teens, we did everything together and were so close, we had so many adventures together to Greece, Ibiza, Cornwall etc but in her late teens/ early twenties Megs started experiencing unusual symptoms which was eventually diagnosed as M.E.

"She now lives just eight miles away and yet I haven't seen her in over 12 years, she lives on her own in a flat she never leaves. Visited primarily only by her carer, she suffers from extreme chemical sensitivities, cognitive issues, pain throughout her body and has even experienced transient paralysis. She is now 43 years old.

"M.E. has had such much incorrect press but the reality is around 250,000 in the UK have M.E. They have had their lives stolen by this hideous condition, Megs has had her life stolen and I have had my best friend stolen.

"I am taking part in the Jurassic Coast Challenge and walking 58km (36 miles) and 1560m of climbing in one day. It is an amazingly challenging course from Poole to Weymouth and just looking at the profile is making me ache!! Every step of the way I know Megs will be supporting me from her bed."

We'd like to wish Jo the best of luck in completing the Jurassic Coast Challenge. You can find her JustGiving page here.