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Fundraiser of the Week: Jon Winter

October 20, 2017

This week's Fundraiser of the Week is one of our 2018 London Marathon runners, Jon Winter. We are absolutely delighted that he has already raised more then £1,000 for our vital work, even though his event is still six months away. 

"This is a cause that is very personal to me," says Jon. "It is shocking that after all this time, very little is known about M.E. and no cure has been found."

Jon himself had M.E. when he was a student, more than 20 years ago, and describes himself as "incredibly lucky" because his illness was diagnosed very early. "Many others are not so lucky, continually battling with this illness for decades, losing out on important parts of their childhood, not being able to continue with their jobs, missing out on participating in activities with their children," says Jon.

"The more awareness, and money, we can raise for M.E., the more chance we have of finding a cure and ensuring future generations don't lose quality of life to this illness."

We say a huge thank you - and best of luck - to Jon for helping us reach more children, families and adults affected by M.E. 

If you are interested in running, walking, cycling, sky-diving, knitting, baking - or doing something we haven't even thought of! - to raise awareness of M.E., and support our work, please visit our event pages or get in touch.