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Fundraiser of the week - Julia Ferguson

April 27, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Julia Ferguson, who has given up chocolate until M.E. Awareness Day.

"I've given up my Bournville, Toblerone, giant Cadbury's Buttons and all things chocolatey - as difficult as running a marathon or climbing Ben Nevis for a chocoholic like myself!

"I'm doing so to raise money for Action for ME for research into the chronic neurological condition, myalgic encephalomyelitis (M.E.), sometimes diagnosed as chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS, or M.E./CFS)

ME/CFS isn't just about the fatigue. It's also about isolation and an important part of what Action for ME does is provide an online forum that is a much-appreciated way for people who are often house-bound or even bed-bound to feel less isolated. The forum reduces isolation by facilitating connection but also by allowing the sharing of people's experiences of a misunderstood, 'invisible' illness. Reading the stories of people more severely affected has inspired me to do something to raise funds for more research.

"I gave up chocolate after having my Easter Eggs on 1 April (so far, so good) but it's taken me longer than planned to get this page properly set up and I've not left a great deal of time for donations before the end of April! So, I've decided to keep going until 12 May which is the day that #MillionsMissing events are taking place around the world as part of ME Awareness Week."

You can support Julia via her JustGiving page at

We'd like to thank Julia for everything she's doing to raise awareness of M.E. and funds for Action for M.E.