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Fundraiser of the week - Katy Fallon

March 24, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Katy Fallon, who raised £5,175 by hosting a fundraising dinner on Monday at The Imperial, along with an auction and raffle.

Katy is running the London Marathon for us next month and is raising additional money through her JustGiving page.

Speaking about her reasons for supporting us, Katy said: "When I was fourteen both my mum and my brother got M.E. and we were lucky in that they both recovered after a year of being ill.

"To avoid the sob story, but to tell the truth, it was to date the worst year of my life. M.E. crippled our family both emotionally and financially. To face a future with my father and I as primary caregivers was and still is unimaginable, at its worst both were bed ridden and unable to face noise, opening the curtains or walking downstairs.

"On the days the mud gets too much and I want to give up and have a massive cake, I remember that I'm doing it for all those people whose parents, brothers and sisters haven't recovered and for all those who have suffered/are suffering from M.E. who wouldn't be able to run any kind of distance."