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Fundraiser of the week - Kelly Hooper

August 04, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Kelly Hooper, who is taking part in the Great North Run for us.

Talking about her reasons for supporting us, Kelly said: “18 months ago our daughter Fifi was diagnosed with M.E./CFS. This is a debilitating illness that has a wide range of symptoms. Our little girl used to love dance class, running with her friends and rough and tumbling with her younger brother Freddie. Sadly since she has become unwell the illness has taken over and most days she is unable to do these things due to the varying symptoms and the fatigue she experiences and for now dance classes are a distant memory as is a full-time table at school and socialising with her friends. She spends a lot of her time in pain and has developed anxieties around this.

“As a family we stay positive and believe that Fifi will overcome this and one day go back to dance! Until then we help Fifi live a full and varied life it's just on four wheels, giving her legs a rest.”

You can support Kelly via her JustGiving page.