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Fundraiser of the week - Laura Matthews

April 08, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Laura Matthews, who is severely affected by M.E. and has made the decision to have her very long hair cut off.

Proving that you can still find ways to raise awareness and money for charity even if you’re housebound, Laura – whose mum tells us this is the first time she’s had her hair cut short in 25 years – has raised nearly £1,000 for us with her low energy fundraising idea.

Speaking on the day the hairdresser visited her home, Laura said: “I couldn't sit long enough for the whole thing to be cut in one go, tomorrow she will cut the length off so I can send it for wig making (hoping to make money for the charity by selling it) then in two weeks once I'm rested the hairdresser will come to style it properly. Need to rest tonight for it will be quite an exhausting task tomorrow. Thanks to everyone who's donated so far.”

You can see images of Laura before and after the cut on her JustGiving page.