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Fundraiser of the week - Lauren's hook a duck stall

September 20, 2019

Our fundraiser of the week is Lauren. Alongside her family, Lauren raised an amazing £120 for Action for M.E. on her hook a duck stall.

We asked Lauren to tell us a little bit more about herself. Here is what she said:

“My name is Lauren at age 9yrs I became unwell with a severe case of glandular fever unfortunately this lead on to me developing M.E.

I am now 11 years old and have just started high school I am learning to recognise my symptoms to prevent relapses but sometimes it’s difficult as I miss out on things I used to enjoy.

I wanted to raise awareness of M.E as sometimes I feel it’s a hidden illness and people don’t always realise how hard things can be for me like just doing a P.E lesson or lots of homework can leave me feeling exhausted. I’m hoping one day research will find more answers to this annoying illness!

Lauren Cole xxx”

We’d like to say a huge thank you to Lauren for supporting our charity and raising awareness towards M.E./CFS. Below you can see pictures of Lauren and her younger sister hosting their stall.