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Fundraiser of the week - Libby

February 02, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Libby, who raised over £600 for us in one week.

Libby is taking part in Walk With M.E., only walking as many steps as she can safely manage, which will contribute to the combined team total.

Libby said: “M.E. is a cruel thing. I have it myself and I know how bad it gets at times. I want to raise awareness of it because none of my friends really understand it. I want to raise money to help other people like me who are worse. It rips people’s lives apart, and it's frustrating.

“I'm not that bad affected to the people I know with it. Nobody deserves to have M.E and it's devastating when you’re actually told that you have it. You can just tell that your life is taken and you’re in a completely different world.

“I hope people understand how bad it is, and I also really hope people spread the word and donate to Action For M.E.”

You can support Libby via her JustGiving page.