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Fundraiser of the week - Liese

January 19, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Liese, who is holding a special Twitch gaming stream for us throughout the year.

Lisa said: “Two years ago I was active, bright and happy. I walked across the country for charity. I was a secondary school teacher. I was a social butterfly with direction and a life…and then I got ill. I wrote a blog when it first happened which might explain why I'm doing this...

“‘I am used to this now. My body feels like I've run a marathon, my brain is foggy and my heart hurts. I'm lying here crying knowing that crying will only exhaust me more. When will the happy full of life Liese come back? M.E. doesn't just affect you, it affects everyone around you. I have to crawl to go to the bathroom. I lie for hours unable to open my eyes because the world is just too bright. You will never see this as I hide from the world. I weigh up whether moving off the sofa to go to the kitchen to get a glass of water will exhaust me more than the dehydration. I spend days not moving. Not because I don't want to. Not because I'm ‘too lazy’ but because I can't. Today the exhaustion is so bad the idea of moving is just laughable.’

“When I got ill two years ago I had little hope. I was unable to leave the house and had lost most of my IRL friends because I couldn't see them anymore. I felt like a waste of space, unable to contribute to society.

“And then I discovered Twitch and the friendships which YOU have given me!

“I can never thank you all enough, but this platform has given me hope. I have seen the great good that can be done, the support that has been given to me and I now want to pass that love and support on to others.

“I am planning to stream as much as I can (around my health obviously) over the next year. A percentage of my monthly subscriptions will be donated to Action for M.E.and I hope to do regular streams where any kindness that would normally be shown to me in bits and donations instead goes to charity.”

You can support Liese via her My Donate page.