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Fundraiser of the Week - Lucy Goodwill

May 25, 2018

Our fundraiser of the week is Lucy Goodwill, who is selling M.E.-related zines at

Zines are small-circulation self-published works. The ones Lucy creates are based around M.E., including such titles as ‘”So you think it’s a physical illness?” and other things you shouldn’t say’, and ‘The A-Z of being a spoonie.’

Lucy said: “I was diagnosed with M.E in 2005 when I was 15 years old. Over this period I have accessed support from AYME, which is now part of Action for M.E, as well as Action for M.E's services now as an adult. It has been invaluable to have somewhere to turn where I can connect with other people just like me who understand what I'm going through.

“Throughout my time living with M.E, I have found creative outlets so important in helping me to stay positive and express myself. Last year I began drawing more and experimenting with making my own zines. A chance conversation with a friend who also has M.E sparked an idea for a ‘Spoonie A-Z’, with illustrations for every letter of the alphabet, describing an experience unique to living with a long-term condition. 

"It began as a personal project but, by the time I was finished, I was so pleased I didn't want to keep it to myself. I decided to set up an online shop and sell the zine, with some of the proceeds going back to Action for M.E. I designed a second zine for M.E Awareness Week, which explores the way that people respond to M.E (and how they can avoid many faux pas!) I had input from several other people for this one and am really pleased with the result. I'm hoping that sharing the zines will help to raise both funds and awareness, as well as hopefully bringing a smile to the faces of people with M.E just like myself.”