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Fundraiser of the week - Matt Robinson

November 04, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Matt Robinson, who is raising money and awareness of M.E. by growing a moustache.

Talking about his reasons for supporting us, Matt said: “Having had family members close to me suffer with this condition, and myself having been recently diagnosed with it, I felt inclined to take some kind of action as opposed to wallowing about it (which I had previously found myself doing).

“Some people become bed bound from this condition, others (like myself) have been fortunate enough to be able to manage it by living a certain way (reduced working hours, listening to body's needs, very wholesome diet, etc).

“My ultimate Christmas present would be to raise £200 (as a minimum) towards Action for M.E. I look stupid when I have a slug (gristly looking moustache) above my mouth, but I'm doing it for a worthy cause, and therefore I plead with you to get behind it. Even if you can only afford a little, every little counts as they say.”

You can support Matt via his JustGiving page.