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Fundraiser of the week: Matthew Inge

November 03, 2017

"We cannot remember a day that she was not in pain on some level. It is difficult to imagine and people often don't see us at her worst."

This is our fundraiser of the week, Matthew Inge, talking about his wife Vicki, who was diagnosed with M.E. five years ago. We are hugely grateful to Matthew for supporting our work by taking on the Grim Challenge, an 8-mile cross-country run across the army vehicle test centre next month.

"Those of you who know me will know that I was definitely not built for cross-country running, especially in early December!" says Matthew. 

"It is hard to watch someone you love change so much before your eyes and not be able to help them. Any support you can offer will be greatly appreciated, not only by me but by all those at Action for M.E."

You can read Matthew and Vicki's story, and sponsor him in his challenge, at his Just Giving page.