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Fundraiser of the week - Myck Beddall

August 26, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Myck Beddall, who is taking on the 84k Thames Path Challenge 2016 for us.

The challenge involves walking the length of a double marathon from Oxford to Henley in 24 hours.

Talking about his reasons for supporting us, Myck said: “Sarah my wonderful wife has had M.E./CFS for the past seven years. On good days she only feels tired but able to get things that most people take for granted done. On bad days it’s a struggle for her just to get out of bed in the morning and on top of that she will suffer from anxiety and depression because of her illness.

“I have chosen this challenge of walking 52.4 miles in 24hrs as a way of showing support for Sarah's day to day challenge of coping with M.E./CFS

“Action for M.E. helps raise awareness of the condition which is greatly needed. If you were to meet someone with this illness you wouldn't necessarily know by looking at them that they suffered from M.E. and the difficulties in which they are going through on a daily basis. Action for M.E. also tackles ignorance, injustice and neglect for people whose lives have been stolen by M.E."

You can support Myck via his JustGiving page.