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Fundraiser of the week - Natalie Heron

January 27, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Natalie Heron, who is organising a large scale sponsored walk event with her friend Salli Murray.

The idea behind Walk With M.E. is for participants to walk a total of 1 million steps between Wednesday 1 February and Thursday 11 May. Participants can be in teams of up to five people and can raise sponsorship via the Walk With M.E. JustGiving page.

Describing the idea behind Walk With M.E., Natalie said: “Ten thousand steps per day is quite achievable for most but it's actually quite a lot for someone like me, I fluctuate between one to three thousand steps per day before feeling completely wiped out. As M.E/CFS symptoms can and often do fluctuate, M.E/CFS participants will need support to complete this challenge, as they may do with their usual day to day activities. The challenge is therefore designed to be completed in teams, which means my team mates can help me out and donate their steps to help me achieve my target of 1 million steps over 100 days. Though I will still be looking to gradually increase my daily number of steps over this period and complete as many as I can on my good days.

"Raising funds for this cause really means a lot to me and I'd love for there to be a cure but we won’t find one without further research. Please help me and my fellow Spoonies (look up Spoon Theory) to raise awareness and funds for further research and support with this illness.”

Anyone wanting to take part can register their interest via the Walk With M.E. Facebook page before January 31.