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Fundraiser of the week - Oliver Vaughan-Jone

February 28, 2019

Our fundraiser of the week is Oliver Vaughan-Jones, an artist in Wales.

"I started to paint again as a way to cope with the pain and disorientation arising from a debilitating neurological condition which severely restricts my mobility," Oliver tells us. "I mainly paint in oils on canvas but do enjoy using all mediums and some 3D work. After a long time bedbound, the paintings are all imaginings and are not based or copied from landscapes or photos.

"I am passionate about raising awareness of the M.E. disease and thus 20% of all profits of any prints or work I sell on this website or elsewhere will go towards Action for M.E, UK M.E research and Disability Snowsports UK."

You can visit his website to see the full range of his work.