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Fundraiser of the week - Peter Wharton

July 13, 2018

Our fundrasier of the week is Peter Wharton, who is taking part in the Ride London Surrey 100 for us because his wife Swee-Fong has been diagnosed with M.E./CFS.

Talking about her experiences on Peter's Virgin Money Giving page, Swee-Fong said: "In some ways, and for most of the time, I count myself lucky. I was already 50 when I started suffering badly from M.E. symptoms. I am a Chartered Accountant (now retired on medical grounds), a University Graduate, met my husband young, raised a family (we have two delightful adult children), and lived a full and active life before the worst of the M.E. symptoms hit me in 2015. At other times, it is hard not to rail at the injustice of it all – having to 'retire' so early – not just from working life but also from regular social, leisure and physical activities.

"I am coping, but my symptoms could continue to get worse without medical intervention, so I welcome any progressive medical research in this field. My husband Pete has been solid as a rock in supporting me throughout my illness and he is going the extra mile (100 miles actually!), cycling to raise funds for the charity Action for M.E."