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Fundraiser of the week - Phil Guy

April 28, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Phil Guy, who organised a concert as a way to support his younger sister Jasmine, who has been living with M.E. for over three years.

Talking about his reasons for supporting us, Phil said: “I wanted to organise a concert to raise money for your charity as a way to support her and other people who suffer from M.E. We are both musical and she is adamant that her music is one of the things that has kept her going over the last three years so a concert given by the brass band we both grew up playing in seemed appropriate.

“The original plan was for the band to play outside but the weather wasn't fit to do this so we ended up playing in the village hall. As well as the band performing their usual programme of music, Jasmine gave a very moving and emotional speech about what M.E. is so that the audience (and members of the band) could understand a little better how it affects not just her but everyone who has M.E. before going on to talk about her own coping mechanisms and plans for the future. 

"We then performed a duet together accompanied by the band. Lots of people in the audience came to talk to us after the performance and commented on how moved they had been.”

We’d like to thank Phil and Jasmine for raising money for our vital work and for helping raise awareness of the reality of living with M.E.